Renew OnDemand™ is the industry's only cloud application built specifically to maximize recurring revenue. This application arms sales teams, executives, and channel partners with a complete system to renew customer contracts and subscriptions. Watch the demo to learn how Renew OnDemand can help you retain more customers and increase your recurring revenue.

Renew OnDemand

Your secret to supercharging contract renewals


Turn disparate data into renewal-ready opportunity

Too often, companies leave additional revenue on the table because they can’t pull data together for a complete, actionable picture of renewal opportunity. Renew OnDemand cleans, validates and enriches data so that a clear picture emerges.

Make your team more effective

Renew OnDemand automates many of the time-consuming activities associated with recurring revenue management while arming sales teams with just the right information to efficiently process renewals.

Gain business insight

With actionable, in-line analytics – including more than 60 renewal specific metrics – companies get a rich understanding of current performance and future potential.




A steady platform to increase your revenue

The Renew OnDemand platform delivers the latest in business intelligence, data management, integration, security and reliability. It uses big data architecture to handle and analyze vast amounts of data from myriad applications. The platform also allows for interoperability with advanced analytics that provide insight at the point on interaction.


Scalable and secure

Renew OnDemand Platform’s open architecture and APIs make it easy to access and load customer information from ERP, CRM and custom applications. It also makes system integration with third-party applications easy and enables multi-organizational authorization. The Renew Platform also protects you and your data with power data security features including granular application access controls, network based access controls, encryption and hardened operating systems.


Renew OnDemand’s cloud architecture accelerates time to value by allowing companies to configure, test and deploy Renew OnDemand in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional software. The Renew OnDemand Platform delivers the latest in business intelligence, data management, integration, security and reliability.


The platform that plays well with others

Joint clients of ServiceSource® and will be able to integrate Renew OnDemand and the Sales and Service Cloud applications to drive increased sales.

  • Renew OnDemand integrates seamlessly with
  • 360 degree view of your business – both new and renew
  • Maximize recurring revenue and improved visibility and forecasting
  • Two integrations to choose from: Renew OnDemand View for Salesforce, UI connector and Renew OnDemand Sync for Salesforce, UI and Data connector.


Good data makes for better insight

As companies increasingly rely on analytics to guide their decision making, hard-to-access data and day-old reports just don’t cut it.

The ability to quickly create customized reports that look at your renewals businesses from a variety of lenses gives your company the insight, flexibility and agility to steer toward better performance and inform product, program and management decisions.

Renew OnDemand added self- service, ad hoc reporting to its analytics capabilities. By partnering with leading cloud BI solution providers, customers can easily build metrics, reports and dashboards. You can also present historic and trending information in a customized fashion to solve ever-changing business needs and turn your data into dollars.


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