Get more from your renewals business

Get more from your renewals business

KNOW MORE: Learn about your customers’ purchases and usage patterns

SELL MORE: Increase renewals through upsell and cross-sell programs.

KEEP MORE: Improve revenue by boosting customer retention and engagement.

Solutions to boost your recurring revenue

Renew OnDemand

Increase renewals with Renew OnDemand™

Power your renewals sales team with the right data, workflow and insights through our Renew OnDemand cloud application.

Renew OnDemand consolidates, cleanses and manages your renewals data from all of your disparate systems. The application’s built-in recurring revenue best practices help you optimize your renewals process and get the insights that you need to drive results. We also offer implementation, data management, support and education services along with Renew OnDemand to get you off to the races quickly.

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Scout Analytics by ServiceSource

Increase subscription revenues with Scout®

Maximize subscription revenue and optimize customer success with Scout Suite, our predictive analytics application. Scout Suite integrates customer usage data ranging from web events to call center activities to give you a single view of your customer. Use this data to segment your customer base, run tailored upsell and cross-sell plays and enhance product offerings to ultimately drive more subscription revenue.

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Managed Services from ServiceSource

Expand sales coverage with expert Managed Services

ServiceSource accelerates your recurring revenue growth with a combination of our Renew OnDemand cloud application and an expert team of sales, enablement and data resources. This team will act on your behalf and leverage 13 years of dedicated experience in renewal sales to give you exceptional results.

We begin by identifying areas where we can capture more incremental revenue. Then, our expert sales, operations and channel management teams handle the selling process end-to-end to manage forecasts, supply accurate quotes and analyze performance. On average, the teams begin driving up contract renewal rates, revenue and profits in as little as 60 days. And the best part is that this becomes a self-funding partnership because you pay us only a small percentage of the renewal revenue we deliver.

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